Educational life

Secondary Education

I Had done my schooling from Sri Saraswathi High school, Karmanghat.  Everyone's school days have the memories they can cherish and treasure for life. School days are the most joyful and funfilled with many mysteries to solve and many fights to resolve.

In my school days, I had many friends and some foes. We used to gossip and play and some times fight over silly things. I had two best friends. They were very nice and loyal to me. Every teacher in my school liked us, although we weren't brilliant students in fact were average ones but still we respected our elders and loved our youngers. Since my childhood, I've never been complaining to anyone for anything, actually I never needed to since I had everything I needed or wanted.I miss my school days since it was all about having fun and no competetions. The most exciting part used to be 'the exchange of lunch boxes'. Usually me and my best friend liked each other's lunch and soon developed a habit of exchanging lunches. Apart from sharing lunches, we also used to share our silly secrets.

We used to play our own created games and draw for fun. We also used to have bets and treats for rewards on childish things but we never played pranks on anyone. My childhood was indeed really amazing and simple. We found fun in subtle but beautiful things. It was surely surrealistic but was also hilarious at times. In my school days, we sometimes used to play in the rains, make paper boats, eat ice-creams and enjoy every drop of water and after getting all bathed up in water we used to have hot chocolate drinks.

  • These were some of the stuff of my school and childhood, as I remember them, which I cherish today as sweet memories. I wish God makes everyone's childhood days as carefree and jovial as mine. 


  • I had done my +2 education from Ideal Junior College, Dilsukhnagar.  College education acts as the key to a successful future to individuals who are serious with it. It provides a financial security and helps a person build a remarkable reputation. Personally, it has helped me to have a competitive edge in the workforce. Through the various skills I have acquired in college, I can work in various companies across the globe. Currently, college education has become the minimum requirement in securing a job in various companies.College education does not only help students to acquire jobs, but also to know how to invest their money in viable businesses. For instance, with the fundamental accounting information, a student will not have to employ an expert to manage his/her business. In addition, with knowledge in accounting, students are able to plan on how to spend their incomes wisely. 


  •  I had completed my graduation of Aurobindo college of Engineering and technology.
  • Wow..! My college days are unforgettable and in fact
    those days are happy days in may life. Every student has
    those days in their life's as well.I enjoyed myself a lot
    when i was in Jr.College. I have learned a lot from my
    professors. When ever i was wrong they corrected me. They
    used to be very friendly with us. We used to have
    competitions. No matter whether we win the competition or
    not, but they used to tell us participation is very
    important. They were very supportive and encouraged us in
    all things to grow up in our life's. We used to crack jokes
    on others. We used to comment on others. We used to bunk the
    class. we used to jump the walls for second show movies. If
    we caught by sir's we led to punish. In fact I experienced.
    So, college life is so beautiful, no body can forget those
    days in their life's and those days will never be back again. 



  • After completion of my graduation in the month of may,2016 i got a job in at wipro. But i had not worked there for more than 4 months.Companies often focus on how employees are brought in, but what about when they leave? Chances are, there’s not much thought put into making this transition comfortable (for both parties) or even in considering the value of the opportunity. If onboarding is like a helping hand in, then offboarding can often be like a shove out into the cold. 
  •  Karma — kidding, sort of. In other words, you simply don’t know what the future holds. When an employee moves on, their relationship with your organization only ends on paper.  

Genpact Business process management company

  • Iam proud to say that iam a genpactor now.After Quiting my job at wipro in the month of December, got an offer at genpact. Now i have plans to have a long career as a genpactor. This is the place where people have the opportunity to refine them.  The administration here is very good. These few lines explains a short introduction of my company .This place is really nice and good to work.I really enjoy to work here.